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follow h2o rencontre avec bella We are a collective of amazingly dedicated digital aficionados who are passionate about providing practical digital guidance for your business. Each member is a business owner in their own right; we choose to collaborate to get the best possible digital outcome for your business.


speed dating saint raphael Founder, food-lover, world-traveller and all-rounder-super-geek Claire Spencer, created the 108 Collective in order to bring together great minds, share knowledge and come up with solutions which are fit for purpose, and will enhance your online presence.


http://nkbosna.ba/?myravey=rencontre-femme-ronde-au-quebec&b08=c2 We specialise in strategy and training, including digital content and social media channel management.

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What does here watch108 mean?

source The number 1 is the start of everything, 0 is the vastness of nothing and 8 represents infinity. 108 is an auspicious number in Buddhism, as it’s the amount of precepts (promises) made during initiation, and the number of beads on a mala (Buddhist prayer beads). Collectively it means everything, nothing and everything in-between. How does that apply to digital? london ky dating We always make sure we ask the right questions at the start of our projects. We bring open minds, a breadth of knowledge and try not to be limited in our thinking.

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