Work has been a little slow

So, I’ve been a bit distracted while moving: though you’ll be happy to know that the new house is going well.

Every morning I get woken at 5.40am by the local laughing Kookaburras, then if I am stupid enough to try and go back to sleep, the 40-strong-flock- of-screeching cockatoos is my reminder alarm at 6am.
So far, I’ve survived a 3am wasp nest exploding from my bedroom wall cavity, found a “piss cupboard” where the local rats are playing house, and have discovered that I can see stars through my fireplace wall. Pretty.
Oh, and a SUPER little bonus is that there are huntsman spiders the size of um, I dunno, the size of “Ooomyfreeekingawd”. (Picture this squealed, after reaching for the toilet paper, blurry-eyed with undies at ankles, at 2.30 in the morning,  and brushing past 8 furry legs. I’ve never moved so fast in my life!)
BUT, it is 90% repainted, the floors are all polished, and I’ve got a new pet in the form of a male peacock called “Bob”.
“Bob” has fallen in love with his reflection and eats rocket, mungbeans and spinach for lunch, all provided on site, lovingly by moi. It’s a far cry from inner city, screaming neighbours and ambulance sirens, so I’m very happy. 
Very soon, I’ll be having a Gardening bee, (which is as much of an excuse for a BBQ and beer as I can muster)…so be warned you may have to be prepared for pruning.

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