The little things: iPad and other catastrophes

I, like most likely everyone else on the planet would have heard of the all encompassing obsession that is now the iPad.

I remember it akin to my iPhone daze. I was starry-eyed and jittery with excitement the day it arrived, I think if I remember rightly I didn’t sleep the first night I got it. I just spent hours marveling at its marvelous-ness. (if there is such a word)

Now, not even 2 years later I’m looking at it like somehow, somewhere along the line it let me down. It let me down like the boyfriend turning up 45 minutes late for a dinner party – wearing a great suit. Shiny, looking good, but somehow missing the point.

Or my mother leaving me stranded at a school bus stop when I was in year 7, for 6 whole hours in the dark and the rain. You want to trust it, it’s inherent in its design, but still that feeling lingers. “How could you?”

Its a strange feeling having gadget envy, and hatred at the same time. I WANT an iPAD. Honestly, I do. But, here’s the big clincher, if the iPhone has lost its shine after two years, how is an oversized iPhone that I can’t make a phone call on going to fare in the gadgetry envy arena?

I already spend approximately 2 hours out of every week cleaning my iPhone screen to within an inch of its life. Can I really afford to lose another 6 hours? (I’m working on loose dimension x hour equations here, but you get what I mean).

Can someone please- for the love of all things beautifully designed, tell me apart from size- (which we all know is useless unless you know what to do with it) what the iPad has to offer?

The catastrophe isn’t the iPad- it’s that I know for sure that within 2 months I’ll own one. The catastrophe is that I don’t know WHY.

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  1. you still crack me up! but don't do it, you are not the target market, you will be happier with a nice prawn curry 😉

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