The overhead of content

Hi. Yes, it’s me. I seem to go to ground more often than not, and let’s face it, with regular updates on my personal facebook profile, and a community page, twitter feed, yammer updates, sharepoint team sites and managing content on a large website, plus all the microsites, sometimes the LAST thing I want to do is write.

That being said, I’ve been in and out of meetings all week that have re-inspired me….I have faith in human kind.

It appears that all of these years working behind the grinding cogs of web content creation and standing on my own personal soap box have finally paid off!

I’m seeing a growing, actually a raging passion for content where I work. The concept of the user experience, the user driven content creation model, content strategy and content rationalisation are becoming a bunch of daily buzz words. The buzz is becoming a reality though, which is thoroughly inspiring.

I’m also noticing a real drive towards delivering content that is honest, brutally succinct and actually easy to read.

I can only surmise that the advent of micro-blogging, the character limit sets of both face book updates and the daily texting of billions is actually starting to seep into other content forms online. That and the wonderful social democracy of great content. If it’s good, it will spread, if it’s off target, fluffy, inconsequential tripe, then it ends up where all crap content does, in social heaven, along with profiles of wanna be social celebrities with 3 friends and fan pages for corporate brands that sell toilet paper!

I’m not going to rant, I just wanted to share the love, and say “Thank you humanity for finally voting with your fingers and keeping the good stuff living and breathing.” YAY.

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Senior social media specialist combining mindfulness with content to build a better world.

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