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I’ve recently read this great article from Harley Manning (Forrester Research)  stating that customer experience needs to be an organisational competency, rather than one persons distinct skill set.

Each part of the business has capacity to contribute to a seamless customer experience. He’s has also highlighted having customer centric end to end processes and culture ingrained so that it’s no longer an add-on to your existing web, IVR, traditional media or bricks and mortar  customer points. It’s thread into the very fiber of day-to-day operations.

His two big-ticket items from this long, but well worth reading article are to :

One is you can try to add stuff that’s going to delight people and there are proponents of that strategy. The other thing you can do is try to eliminate problems that create detractors, defectors, people who hate you and go online and say horrible things about you.”

The third was to get your self a champion, seems simple enough right! No, I know it’s not, but I really think that the customer experience has to drive how we conduct business, what we aim to improve, how we create content, who we talk and why, and then finally how we measure a positive experience.

How are you getting customer experience into your business? What challenges do you face?

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