Content strategy (a.k.a alchemy)

Each piece of online content created, with or without intention, is a social object.  Online content is no longer static “words and pictures on a page”.

What it has become quite rapidly,  is an exponential factor for potential and risk.

As Web Content Managers our role is to mitigate the risk by creating processes for;

  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Creation
  • Usability
  • Proliferation
  • Maintenance
  • Archival

Crafting a strategy is difficult when you consider the complexity of audience, platform, device/s and associated user experience for each delivery method.

Add the necessity of aligning mobile, social and search with an overarching content strategy, and it can become overwhelming.  A great strategist can simplify the complex.

I know that we have had to go back to basics just to get started.

Where I work, we’ve decided to build a thorough understanding of how our content is created, accessed and used. This has become the propellant for improvement.

We’ve also agreed that we need a single source of truth…not necessarily for content storage and distribution (though it that is the holy grail) but on it’s perceived value.

We’ve agreed that great content is valuable to our customers, and our organisation.  It is an asset, in and of itself.

For us, content value, is completely aligned with its usefulness. Our content and the strategy that supports it, can only be measured by how easily both are understood.

That’s why it’s been necessary to create a broad “no-lingo” vision,  linked  no-nonsense business objectives. Strategy at some point needs to move from theory to practical.

All of this content alchemy and alignment of stars still needs to result in a hands-on, no jargon, simple list of tasks that helps us get the job done.

For me, it seems like the only tangible way of attacking the beast.

This is a call out to Web Content Managers! Share your experiences about how you are herding cats, wrangling beasts, and aligning all of your online content activities..

What’s working? What’s not?

Published by Claire Spencer

Senior social media specialist combining mindfulness with content to build a better world.

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  1. When creating content for a page, do you have a set guideline for how long or short the content must be? I feel that the more simple you make the information, it could definitely create smaller bits of information that may make the page look empty?

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