Shred the labels, let’s get human

I’m going to go out on a limb.

I really want to move away from the label “social media” and reshape the focus to be about the great content and stories that connect us all. The reason I do this is simple, social media is the platform, or the tools to create, distribute, share, interact, search, filter, propagate and connect to other great content.

All the same issues apply to social content as to the content in your traditional media or online (web) presence, such as:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they need?
  • How does your content support a user?
  • How does your content support the business/organisational goals? (what’s the gap?)
  • Who will create it and how?
  • What is its life cycle?
  • Who will manage and maintain it?
  • How will people find it? How will people share it?
  • How will we know if it’s good?

I’m deliberately moving away from my techno geek language of analytics, measurement, search optimisation blah blah blah…..because it’s not helpful in creating change in a large organisation.

For a short time, our organisation got engrossed with the shiny new toy called social, and let’s face it, what’s not exciting about working across multiple platforms and having the ability to tap into conversations as they happen, where they happen?

What has happened though, is really interesting.

As quickly as the shiny toy was torn from it’s wrapping, we fell in love with that sturdy box it came in. It could be a matter of timing perhaps. Our journey is coming up to its 3rd year, and so perhaps we’re maturing. It could also be a matter of understanding what’s important. I choose the latter πŸ™‚

We fell in love with the idea that content connects communities. ..content creates bridges of understanding. We fell in love with the fact that we don’t necessarily need to be the people creating the content at all times, we can just share what learn from others.

It’s a pretty powerful thing when an organisation starts to see the sum of it’s parts, the stories of it’s people and the community around it as a real, living, breathing thing, rather than the technology.

It’s an incredibly liberating thing when you shred the labels and start looking at the humanity of the technology, rather than the technology itself.

Published by Claire Spencer

Senior social media specialist combining mindfulness with content to build a better world.

2 thoughts on “Shred the labels, let’s get human

  1. Hi Edwin, Personally I’m trying to move away from the labels of digital, technology, social because I truly believe that in 5-10 years time we’ll be talking about themes, content, stories and messages and it wont matter what the role, platform or channel is. At least I really hope so. Content is king πŸ™‚

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