12 things to consider about social media for your business

This time of year tends to bring the best kind of introspection and the perfect opportunity to prioritise your social activities for the new year.

To get the ball rolling I’ve prepared a few questions you can use to kick off your planning :

  1. Why are you getting involved in social? What core business objectives can this activity be tied to?
  2. Who are your competitors? what are they doing well in social media?
  3. Who is  your audience? what are they saying ? where (platforms) and why?
  4. Who are your major contributors to conversation (positive and negative): Why are they invested?
  5. Identify the list of common themes that you notice in conversation.
  6. Start reviewing existing content for optimisation and redistribution opportunities.
  7. Identify content gaps and work out how to fill them: consider hiring specialists to create content if you can’t deliver it yourself.
  8. Identify the channels you can manage, the ones that need more work and the ones you won’t engage in.
  9. Create a risk list: “What’s the worst that can happen?”. Use this to help guide decisions on engagement.
  10. Identify the people in your organisation who “get it”… get them on board.
  11. Benchmark before engagement. Set some measurable goals.
  12. Get yourself some support. It’s always good to have a few social experts on board who can “health check” your thinking.

Mostly, try to have some fun and push the boundaries where you can.

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