Context for champions: social media monitoring

Quick post is a good post I say! Today I want to talk about how we’re managing information overload of social media and more importantly, if you’re a community manager, how you’re keeping your champions engaged, learning and willing to stand up for social. I’ll need to reflect personally on a couple of recent “AHA”Continue reading “Context for champions: social media monitoring”

12 things to consider about social media for your business

This time of year tends to bring the best kind of introspection and the perfect opportunity to prioritise your social activities for the new year. To get the ball rolling I’ve prepared a few questions you can use to kick off your planning : Why are you getting involved in social? What core business objectivesContinue reading “12 things to consider about social media for your business”

Shred the labels, let’s get human

I’m going to go out on a limb. I really want to move away from the label “social media” and reshape the focus to be about the great content and stories that connect us all. The reason I do this is simple, social media is the platform, or the tools to create, distribute, share, interact,Continue reading “Shred the labels, let’s get human”

Fragmentation: Profile reality vs the real you.

Sometimes, when all of this manic activity reaches a crescendo, it’s like a light goes on, everything slows down, and I realise that in all of my ‘connectedness’ I’ve become fragmented. I think we all have in some strange way. This new social “presentation layer of ourselves” has created the ability to obscure who weContinue reading “Fragmentation: Profile reality vs the real you.”

Content strategy (a.k.a alchemy)

Each piece of online content created, with or without intention, is a social object.  Online content is no longer static “words and pictures on a page”. What it has become quite rapidly,  is an exponential factor for potential and risk. As Web Content Managers our role is to mitigate the risk by creating processes for;Continue reading “Content strategy (a.k.a alchemy)”

The world according to users

“How do we make sure that our users know that they are in logged into our intranet, when with one click they could be in an another environment, or a kiosk”. It’s a great question for a few reasons: User centric questions are good, it shows we are thinking about them! It highlights how interchangeableContinue reading “The world according to users”

Threading user and customer experience into everything..

I’ve recently read this great article from Harley Manning (Forrester Research)  stating that customer experience needs to be an organisational competency, rather than one persons distinct skill set. Each part of the business has capacity to contribute to a seamless customer experience. He’s has also highlighted having customer centric end to end processes and cultureContinue reading “Threading user and customer experience into everything..”

A guide to avoid burning social media bucks in 2011

Over the last few days I’ve been reading keenly from blogs suggesting where you should invest your social media budget to get the best rewards in 2011. I read this little piece from Kenan Erden in social media today, which was really surprising. It was all platform and marketing focused, with no real emphasis onContinue reading “A guide to avoid burning social media bucks in 2011”

Keeping social on the straight and narrow.

Strip back the fancy language and social is the culmination of technology platforms that we use to communicate with each other. It is the great leveler. It doesn’t matter where you live, or what car you own, we all behave in a similar ways online. Social has become the world’s largest democracy powered by technologyContinue reading “Keeping social on the straight and narrow.”