Context for champions: social media monitoring

Quick post is a good post I say! Today I want to talk about how we’re managing information overload of social media and more importantly, if you’re a community manager, how you’re keeping your champions engaged, learning and willing to stand up for social. I’ll need to reflect personally on a couple of recent “AHA”Continue reading “Context for champions: social media monitoring”

Fragmentation: Profile reality vs the real you.

Sometimes, when all of this manic activity reaches a crescendo, it’s like a light goes on, everything slows down, and I realise that in all of my ‘connectedness’ I’ve become fragmented. I think we all have in some strange way. This new social “presentation layer of ourselves” has created the ability to obscure who weContinue reading “Fragmentation: Profile reality vs the real you.”

Another dirty word for Social

SMO (Social media optimisation) For me SMO is a dirty word, it seemingly replaces doing the hard work in developing a great Content strategy. Most advice around SMO is as follows: Identify and target your audience Look at content distribution methods Optimise content for SEO (which should be happening anyway) Optimise linking (inbound, outbound) CreateContinue reading “Another dirty word for Social”

Social media monitoring tools: A snapshot comparison

As you know, we’re in social media mania right now, so it seems an opportune time to review tools- with the limited fuzzy knowledge I have! There are so many reporting tools/companies out there, so it’s hard to narrow it down. I’ve looked at the following tools for these reasons: 1.    Reporting interface– is itContinue reading “Social media monitoring tools: A snapshot comparison”

The little things: iPad and other catastrophes

I, like most likely everyone else on the planet would have heard of the all encompassing obsession that is now the iPad. I remember it akin to my iPhone daze. I was starry-eyed and jittery with excitement the day it arrived, I think if I remember rightly I didn’t sleep the first night I gotContinue reading “The little things: iPad and other catastrophes”

Relevance; that old chestnut.

An amazing thing has happened to me over the last month, I’ve become re-inspired by content, but more specifically, search and content. I should preface this with the fact that I have always had a love-hate relationship with Search, SEO, SEM. I have in the past worked with unethical marketeers who will pad a websiteContinue reading “Relevance; that old chestnut.”

Social Networking means active management

A year has passed, and so this becomes one of a plethora of dormant blogs. It’s made me think- especially in this new Web 2.0 world, how much of our social networking will become stagnant, irrelevant, useless? Working for a large corporate company, the new buzzword (for at least the last 18 months) has beenContinue reading “Social Networking means active management”